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Using safe and effective Organic Spray, GreenApple treats the perimeter of your entire yard to reduce the number of mosquitoes and ticks on your property. Because our product is all natural and does not contain harmful chemicals, we will treat your patio/deck, swing set, BBQ equipment, etc. You can only do this when using all-natural organic spray. Our methods are effective, environmentally friendly, and 100% safe for kids and pets. 

Getting Started Is Easy!

We will provide you with an instant quote over the phone without the need to be physically on your property. Rates for our organic spray are exceptionally competitive and do not come with the premium price you might expect with an all-natural spray.  In fact, we pride ourselves on being able to offer our Organic Spray at the same price as traditional synthetic pesticides!

Our New Organic Solution for Lanternflies!

We are now offering a cutting edge service for protecting yards from spotted lanternflies. This new and ORGANIC outdoor pest control service will help eliminate pesky lanternflies as well as treat mosquitoes and ticks in your yard! This service provides an unobtrusive method to trap insects, including spotted lanternflies that climb on the trunk of trees. Quick and easy for a GreenApple technician to install, human and pet safe, the organic treated bands secure around tree trunks. The Organic tree band is specially designed to stop bugs, like the spotted lanternfly from climbing your valuable trees in order to eat their leaves.

Want a pest-free yard that is safe for your children and pets?

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Our Process

Our team will work with you to schedule an appointment at your convenience. A licensed and certified applicator will come out and spray an organic solution on your property. We use a fine mist backpack blower to provide an instant knockdown of pests while placing a barrier around your property. Our applicators are trained to seek out and concentrate on problem areas to keep you and your family safe.


Our Organic Pest Repellent is environmentally friendly – completely free of pesticides and 100% safe for kids and pets. No more worries of chemicals tracked inside!


We offer the most reasonable prices in South Jersey with no long term contracts. The price for our Organic solution is just as low as our competition’s synthetic prices!


We will spray your entire yard and create a barrier to protect it from mosquitos, ticks and other pests. You will have the peace of mind knowing your children and pets are safe and free of chemicals.


Our applicators are properly trained to disburse the product.  They are certified and licensed in the state of NJ. With GreenApple Organic Solutions, you are in good hands!

All Natural and Organic Mosquito Control services
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